Are Colombian Quality Emeralds a Good Investment? – A Brief Overview

Are Colombian Quality Emeralds a Good Investment? – A Brief Overview

Within the wake of the housing market soften down and delicate market scandals investments in commodities are on the upturn. Emeralds as valuable gems have all the time held worth out there and Colombian high quality emeralds could be a harvest asset for any critical investor.

Gems are, ounce for ounce, probably the most concentrated kind wealth man has ever identified. Emeralds are terribly worthwhile, and like different gems simple to retailer and conceal. An emerald price thousands and thousands of may very well be lower than four inches lengthy and simply slot in your hand. The worth ceiling for prime quality emeralds has not too long ago doubled. It jumped from a typical $40,000 per carat for the best high quality emeralds to nearly $90,000 per carat for a 9 carat reduce Muzu Worldwide emerald, which not too long ago bought at Christie’s Public sale Home in New York. Making it comprehensible how a one ounce fantastic Colombian emerald crystal may fetch thousands and thousands on the present value ranges.

Due to the rarity of huge reduce high quality emeralds future costs are solely anticipated to go up. Many traders are shopping for prime quality emeralds to extend and preserve the worth of their portfolios. Whereas not everybody can afford investing at these ranges, there are alternate options that may show fairly profitable. As with all funding due diligence is suggested earlier than making a dedication. With gems, there’s a confidentiality of possession. At current gemstone and diamond transactions should not individually reported to governmental companies. This nevertheless is topic to vary, due to this fact it’s advocate one seek the advice of knowledgeable tax adviser in your private reporting necessities.

Under is a quick overview to assist one in making an knowledgeable choice when contemplating an funding in emeralds.

Colombian emeralds, particularly these, from the Muzo mines by far command the best worth out there. Typically talking they’re identified for beautiful look, giant crystal measurement and few impurities. The Itoco emerald is an ideal instance of this. Most emerald sellers agree total Colombian emeralds are the best. A top quality Colombian emerald will fetch a 10 to 20% premium over African and Brazilian of comparable measurement and readability.

Though excessive finish Zambian emeralds don’t command the costs of top quality Colombian emeralds, they do have the sting over Brazilian emeralds in at present’s market. Zambian emeralds largely are usually a medium to gentle inexperienced with a bluish tint. Due to their shiny full of life coloration and extraordinary readability Zambian emeralds had been initially suspect to be artificial by established sellers when first found in 1976. Tiffany’s was first to acknowledge Zambian emeralds as genuine in 1989. Since then their recognition has elevated and jewelers and sellers alike now acknowledge them as pure emeralds. Zambia was the primary emerald producer to supply an inexpensive various in high quality emeralds. For many who can’t afford the highest grade Colombian emeralds, the non enhanced Zambian emerald could also be an excellent runner up. Emeralds from Zambia are trending now for a number of causes.

  • Just like the cutters and polishers of Colombian emeralds, the Zambian emerald craftsmen apply the accepted approach oiling utilizing solely clear oils.
  • Though Zambian emeralds as a rule don’t command the costs of top quality Colombian emeralds most are good jewellery high quality and a few exceptionally giant stone deliver near premium costs.

Within the early 1960′s vanadium emeralds had been found in Brazil. Being a type of beryl, however not (chromium) most sellers and gemologists refused to acknowledge them as emeralds and categorized them as inexperienced beryl. After three years of preventing for acceptance in 1963 G.I.A issued a lab report figuring out vanadium-colored beryl as pure emeralds. 

5 Suggestions for Good Investing

Suppose Massive:

As with most gems giant prime quality crystals are much more useful than smaller ones with the identical qualities.

Level of Origin:

Giant prime quality emeralds regardless of the place they’re mined are an excellent funding, however Colombian emeralds will return a better resale premium.


Whereas a deep inexperienced is normally thought-about an excellent business grade, that doesn’t essentially make it an excellent funding grade emerald. Brightness or ‘fireplace’ is a particularly essential consideration in addition to coloration when selecting funding grade emeralds.


The kind of inclusions impact an emeralds worth. Funding grade emeralds won’t have inner fractures, carbon construct ups (inner black spots) and could have an excellent loupe readability. Translucent to opaque stones, though they usually make for lovely jewellery, must be strictly prevented when investing.


Clear emeralds over three carats usually promote for greater than comparable sized diamonds. When contemplating coloration and readability its finest to decide on clear emeralds with a medium coloration over closely included emeralds with excellent inexperienced coloration for optimum funding worth.


Over all it’s as much as the person in selecting an funding. Nevertheless, being a uncommon commodity, prime quality emeralds actually can improve the worth of ones portfolio. Though Colombian high quality emeralds usually are an excellent funding it must be famous; this text is merely an summary and doesn’t mirror after the very fact market modifications nor assure a return on ones funding.

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