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Masdenia is excited to recommend WordHerd to migrate your website to WordPress. WordHerd handles every aspect of your website migration, no matter what platform you are on, worry free. WordHerd provides WordPress and WooCommerce website migration services from any other platform.


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Website Migration FAQs

How are web forms handled?

WordHerd migrates all web forms to Gravity Forms, including labels, different field types and additional associated attributes. Learn more about Gravity Forms.

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Will my website be down during the migration period?

No. WordHerd will setup a staging site on a local development server while migrating your website. Your website will remain online during the entire migration process and the transition will be seamless once you approve the new WordPress website.

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What options does WordHerd offer with website migration?
  • Pages, Posts and Assets:
    We’ll maintain all of your existing content. Article titles, categories, comments, body copy, excerpts and assets (image, pdf, doc, etc). All content will be optionally available and editable within Visual Composer plugin.
  • New Web Design:
    Even though we specialize in website migrations; WordHerd has full web agency capabilities and can provide you design comps and a final custom WordPress theme implementation based on your approved design direction.
  • Web Hosting:
    The benefit of using WordHerd as your web hosting provider is that we will have complete control over the web hosting environment and not have to rely on the support of a third-party web hosting provider.  Your WordPress environment will be managed and backed-up daily keeping everything up-to-date , ensuring uptime. As the original developers of the website we will be able to better address and support your website moving forward. Web hosting through WordHerd includes disaster recovery through offsite nightly backups of all files and database. Our servers have a solid history of 99.9% up-time and includes a monitoring system to immediately notify our team if your website is to ever go down. To help our clients eliminate miscellaneous costs, we offer free SSL, CDN and premium plugins including Visual ComposerGravity Forms and more. WordHerd will however offer web hosting free of charge during the development of your website platform for ease of access and testing purposes.
  • 301 Redirects:
    WordHerd will retain your existing search engine equity by preserving your URLs. One of the most important and most overlooked aspects of a website redesign is the redirection of old page URLs, which is technically referred to as 301 Redirects. As time passes websites are indexed by search engines and gain a reputation; this reputation is based on the relevancy of the websites content. This reputation and the search engine “relevance” is gained through quantity and quality of content, time, and “inbound links’ from external websites, such as Google. Rebuilding search engine equity would be very costly and take months to rebuild.
  • Web Maintenance:
    An ongoing relationship with our clients is of the utmost important to us. Our goal is that our relationship does not end when your project is complete. Therefore, we offer a discounted rate for ongoing support of the website we are migrating. Web maintenance includes fixes, modifications, and changes. Time is billed in 15 minute increments.
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO):
    Kickstart your search engine visibility with content integration in WordPress SEO (Yoast). WordPress SEO can improve your websites SEO by helping you to write better content, in addition to optimizing WordPress to use the latest SEO standards. We have a great deal of experience working with and configuring the WordPress SEO plugin to optimize search engine visibility on all of the WordPress websites that we develop. When your website is complete this plugin will allow your team members to customize page search titles, keywords, page descriptions and be scored on how well your page may rank. Monthly SEO plans available upon request.
  • Google Webmaster Setup:
    We will set up a permanent Google Webmaster account for your website and monitor it for any 404 alerts for a two week period of time after the launch of your migrated site. We will also address any alerts and resolve them during that time.
  • WordSecured WordPress Security:
    Let WordSecured, our premium WordPress security platform, handle your website security and basic website maintenance needs.  View the website for a list of packages and services, all of which include top notch security protocols with 24/7 monitoring and reporting. Packages range from $14.99-34.99.

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What SEO options does WordHerd include during a website migration?

The SEO we include with our migration ensures that all of your meta titles, descriptions and keywords are moved into the WordPress SEO plugin in order to maintain your existing SEO. Kickstart your search engine visibility! Monthly SEO plans available upon request.

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How does WordHerd guarantee the migration of my important website content?

We generate reports during the WordHerd website migration process with complete details about your migrated content; such as pages, images and/or other assets that failed to process. We also have a thorough quality assurance process that is manually done by a human to ensure content, images and assets are all in place. During this time we also review design and functionality.

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What is WordSecured and why is it important?

What is WordSecured?

WordSecured is a WordPress website security specialist service. WordSecured has been in the WordPress business since it’s inception and have been securing customer’s websites since the first security holes were exposed. WordSecured has hundreds of customers who’s websites have been secure for years with the help of our services.

We are 100% confident in our ability to fix your hacked site or secure it to prevent security breaches in the future. We believe in taking preventative measures and for keeping our customer’s WordPress websites secure using a service approach rather than a single one-click plugin install. Constant human monitoring and reporting are what keep a website secure and that’s what we provide as our commitment to you. We look forward to securing your WordPress websites and stopping hackers dead in their tracks.

For more information, please visit our website at:


Why is it important?

A compromised website can be very difficult to clean, especially if you’ve never done it before. It is important to restore and clean a hacked website as quickly as possible to preserve the health of your site and its reputation. The WordSecured team has been preventing and cleaning unprotected websites that have been hacked for over 10 years.

For more information about our, please visit here:

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What else can WordHerd do for me and my company?

In addition to providing world-class enterprise-level website migration, WordHerd is also a full-service agency. We can provide User-Experience (UX), Website Design, Website Development and more. If you have a project that you’re interested in hiring us for please contact us at:

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Why should I trust WordHerd to migrate my website?

WordHerd developed the first automation tool in the website migration industry; migrating small, medium, large and extra large. We’ve wrangled everything from personal Wix websites to 100,000 product enterprise shopping carts. We are innovators in our field and the only company that can migrate Squarespace and HubSpot comments with their hierarchy intact, amongst other secret internal innovations. Our company is 100% US based and you can call and speak with us at any time; if we’re busy wrangling a website, we’ll respond with 24 hours.

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Can WordHerd provide referrals from satisfied customers?

Yes, we sure can! Feel free to contact us for a list of references or please visit our testimonials section here:

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Will I be able to completely manage my own website after migrating with WordHerd?

Yes, your website will be completely manageable through the WordPress admin. You will be able to add, edit and delete pages, posts, images and other media.

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What is the difference between theme conversion and a new theme?

Theme conversion is an exact clone of your current design in WordPress. While a new theme can be either a completely custom design that we create a WordPress theme from or an existing theme that we purchase and customize for you and your company.

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Can WordHerd migrate my SquareSpace blog comments?

Yes, we absolutely can! We are the only website migration company that is capable of this task.

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What is included in a migration?

WordHerd can migrate as much or as little content as you desire. Below is a list of what we migrate from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress:

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Products
  • Web Apps
  • Customers
  • Secure Zones

We can also rebuild any custom functionality and recreate your design as a mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress theme*.

*Additional fees apply.

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Where do my products get migrated to?

WordHerd migrates products to WooCommerce. Our migration process supports full attributes and variations, along with all of the basic details, such as categorization, tagging, description, price, sales price and more. Once complete, our specialists will also be happy to help set up any merchant account you prefer to use*. Get a full scope of the WooCommerce plugins’ capabilities and extensions by visiting

*Additional fees may apply.

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What happens to my URL structure?

WordHerd takes every possible step to retain existing URL structure. In rare occasions where this is not possible we implement 301 redirects to ensure no loss in search engine visibility.

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What will happen to my current SEO?

WordHerd can migrate all existing meta titles and descriptions to WordPress. We use the number one rated SEO plugin for WordPress, Yoast SEO. Yoast provides a number of additional built-in features and options that will help give your site the initial visibility it deserves.

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WordHerd seamlessly converts any website to WordPress using proprietary migration tools and years of experience migrating thousands of sites. The migration to WordPress will make web management and development more convenient, and provide a reliable platform for your business to grow.