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Woocommerce is cost effective

While Shopify and Woocommerce might accomplish some of the same goals of running an online business, how they go about it is vastly different. There is also something to be said about the differences in software between the two platforms and how these differences account for their cost-effectiveness.

Shopify, the all-in-one e-commerce platform, allows you to jumpstart your online store for under $30 per month. However, you can also upgrade your subscription to a more expensive package that allows you to reduce the flat 2% fee on all transactions for third-party payment gateways. All plans include an SSL certificate, web hosting services and a domain name.

On the other hand, Woocommerce, an open-source WordPress plugin, is completely free to use. However, you will need a WordPress hosting account if you wish to launch a Woocommerce store. In addition to the right hosting account, you will also require a domain name and an SSL Certificate.

If you make use of professional hosting providers that offer discounts to WordPress and Woocommerce users, you can significantly reduce your monthly costs and pay less than $10 per month. Furthermore, Woocommerce also does not demand a percentage fee on all your transactions and offers an abundance of free add-ons and themes.

Woocommerce offers more variety

An ever-increasing demand on the functionality of e-commerce stores requires a robust platform that can easily be stretched and molded to fit your requirements. Both Woocommerce and Shopify are able to integrate with third-party tools and offer large extension directories. However, there are some differences to be noted when it comes to the level of customization available to each platform.

Although Shopify comes with an app store that makes third-party add-ons available through purchase, most of these integrations are only available via a monthly subscription. This means that you will have to make an on-going financial commitment to tie these features to your online store on a permanent basis.

In comparison, Woocommerce gives you access to 55,000 WordPress plugins free of charge, which means you can get a lot more done with fewer resources available to you. Customization and integration of WordPress applications are also a lot easier to navigate when compared to the installation process on Shopify.

Lastly, when downloading free applications created from third-party entities on Shopify,  the downloaded application will only integrate your online store to their application program interface. However, Woocommerce allows you to add features to your store by integrating plugins into your WordPress website which ultimately gives you more control.

Woocommerce makes SEO easy

Getting your online store noticed is paramount in making a sustainable income. In order to achieve this goal, Google has to understand what your website is about so it can show online shoppers the availability status of your products, the product rating and the manufacturer’s name in the search results page of possible clients.

This process is actioned through metadata that comb through Google to analyse the information on your website. So in order to broadcast important web page information when using Shopify, you will have to make use of an application that can sort through your website’s code. Additionally, you also won’t be able to choose your online store’s URL in its entirety because of Shopify’s subfolder structure.

However, when it comes to Woocommerce, SEO is quite easy to manage thanks to multiple SEO plugins available for download. Most of these plugins are free but still offer advanced SEO capabilities and guide you to effortlessly add the necessary information for each product accordingly.

Dropshipping businesses prefer Woocommerce

Lower overhead is one of the primary reasons why lots of online stores have smiled favourably upon dropshipping as a business prospect. However, Shopify and Woocommerce differ in their approach when it comes to this demand-based business.

Shopify allows you to integrate different applications with your online store that gives you access to dropshipping market platforms. However, you will have to navigate the various shipping and membership fees with every marketplace you use to build your online store.

In contrast, Woocommerce allows you to directly import different products and fill out orders directly from your website by installing various extensions. The installation process itself takes mere minutes and by choosing to create your own marketplace, you can invite vendors to use your website when selling their products.

After navigating minimum order requirements and any other additional charges that vendors and suppliers may have, you will be able to effortlessly add and sell products via your dropshipping store.

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Shopify and Woocommerce are based on the same premise, but differ quite a bit when it comes to customization, cost-effectiveness and functionality. If you are considering migrating your e-commerce store from Shopify to Woocommerce, Word Herd will be able to help you make the transition.

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