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Both WordPress and Craft CMS have been around for a long time but differ significantly from each other in a myriad of ways. When it comes to plugins, Craft CMS has a smaller developer team than WordPress and only offers about 500 plugins.

While there are fewer to choose from, Craft CMS excels in maintaining their plugins and keeping them supported. Whenever plugins become outdated or irrelevant, the developers remove them from the Craft plugin store. This enables users to only install the most updated plugins.

On the other hand, WordPress offers much more variety when it comes to their range of plugins. With over 55,000 to choose from, users have access to a wider range of flexibility and functionality when it comes to tweaking their website. Furthermore, the bulk of the plugins are free, which means that you can expand on your website without having to spend a fortune.

In contrast, Craft CMS users will find that most plugins on their online store are not free. Depending on your budgetary requirements and the number of plugins your business needs, Craft CMS might not be the best option for companies that want to expand their online reach but are on a tight budget.


WordPress is an open-source management content system that is completely free to download. Even though the platform is free to use, any additional requirements to customize, maintain or support your website will cost extra. Hosting costs, paid plugins and custom designs are but a few of the extra necessities site owners may need to invest in to get their website up and running.

However, each website’s expenses are different, based on how big your budget is. Whether spending as liberally or as little as possible, you can still create a professional-looking website for your business.

On the other hand, Craft CMS offers a basic version and various paid versions when it comes to using their content management system. Although the free version won’t give you the same professional-looking website as WordPress’ free version would, it will still allow you to create a personal blog.

Their license prices start at $299 per project, plus $59 per year for continued support. They also offer a more affordable version, Craft Commerce, at $199 per project, with $39 per year for continued site support.

Ease of Use

WordPress is known for its intuitive interface and offers a simplistic user experience to both novice and experienced content management system users. Its straightforward admin panel and logical outlay makes content creation and editing a breeze, thereby speeding up production and drawing more traffic to your website.

WordPress has always been very dedicated when it comes to maintaining its accessibility. This dedication has been realized through the Gutenberg editor, which allows users to create posts and pages through a content block format. This drag-and-drop editing style allows users to effortlessly create and expand on their website without having to learn a coding language.

On the other hand, Craft CMS requires a knowledgeable user or someone with a developer background to create truly spectacular websites. This can make navigating this content management system a little harder for beginners, which may slow down or interrupt workflow and productivity.

Although anyone will be able to master this content management system in time, it may require additional time and resources that could have been better spent on other aspects of your online business.


Craft CMS is passionate about customization and making websites truly unique. Users need to start their websites from scratch as there are no themes or templates to use. The lack of theme-support enables users to create unique designs and improve the functionality of their website, but it also negatively impacts them with regards to efficiency.

It is critical that Craft CMS users have some coding knowledge because one small error in the code could bring your whole site down.

WordPress, on the other hand, offers a large number of themes and templates that will allow you to provide a consistent look throughout all your pages and posts. By not having to design elements of your own website, new website owners can simply choose a design out of a large amount of free or paid themes already available to them.

Although WordPress has some restrictions with regard to the various design choices available to its users, it makes up for it by boosting productivity and efficiency.

Ready to Migrate?

While Craft CMS may offer more customization when it comes to your website’s design, WordPress is more affordable, easier to use and allows you to be more efficient and productive. If you’re ready to make the move to WordPress, we’re ready to help you! Contact WordHerd for a FREE quote on all your migration needs.

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Ready to Migrate?

WordPress allows sites to have the same functionality Drupal allows, but is much easier to use. By migrating your website to WordPress, you can have the functionality your site requires as well as all the benefits the platform has to offer. Users can manage the site through convenient dashboards and optimize SEO. Administrators can manage levels of access for other users (eg. admins, authors, editors, readers etc.) and perform site updates easily, and the site can remain live for the entire process. Maintaining your site should be an easy process, and WordPress provides the tools you need to make this as convenient as possible.

Migration of your current Craft site to WordPress is made easy through WordHerd’s migration services. Transitions are made seamlessly through the use of proprietary migration tools and years of experience migrating thousands of sites. We invite you to review our portfolio of previous websites and read the testimonials of some of our satisfied customers.

Your website is the centerpiece of your company and transitioning to a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective content management system with a wide range of functionality is critical. Through WordHerd’s services you can keep the look and functionality of your current site and enjoy the convenience and the benefits WordPress has to offer.