What is the Difference Between Blogging and Facebooking?

What is the Difference Between Blogging and Facebooking?

There appears to be numerous overlap between what you would possibly placed on Fb versus what you would possibly put in a weblog. They’ll each be private. They’ll each include your private experiences and concepts, what you’re doing and what you have an interest in. In different phrases, they’ll each be like journals or diaries.

There are some apparent variations within the objective behind every exercise, nonetheless. Fb is extra interactive and the viewers is, effectively, your mates. With a weblog, the Net world is your potential viewers, and your Fb pals could by no means even find out about or learn your weblog. Your weblog might be interactive as effectively, as readers can remark in your posts and you’ll reply. However once more, this interplay would most likely be between you and a stranger somewhat than a good friend. So there are, or might be, two distinct audiences.

There could also be issues that you’d share with your mates on Fb that you just would not need your weblog viewers to know. Alternatively, you’ll have ideas or experiences that you’re extra comfy sharing with strangers in your weblog than you’d be sharing it together with your Fb pals.

Lastly, your weblog ought to have a theme, a objective. Individuals ought to have a particular purpose for wanting to go to and skim your weblog, whether or not it is informational, opinion, or selling enterprise. Your Fb posts might be random, mundane, spontaneous, it does not actually matter since you aren’t attempting to draw an viewers – you’re interacting with pals. So whereas there’s the potential for overlap between Facebooking and running a blog, it could be greatest to attract boundaries and let your viewers be your viewers and let your mates be your mates.

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