WordHerd Won Best Website Migration Service 2019

best website migration service

WordHerd Won Best Website Migration Service 2019

Announcement: WordHerd has been named the 2019 Best Website Migration Service by US Business News!

It is an honor to be identified among our impressive peers and we are proud of our team’s dedication to getting us to this exciting point. A huge thank you goes out to the US Business News for this prestigious award.

It is safe to say that WordHerd has been making major strides forward since its inception in 2015. From answering the needs of a swift website migration service to developing our very own Wrangler system, we are constantly innovating! Knowing the number of hours and hard work our team is dedicated to bringing our clients exemplary service, we feel the award is a testament to their dedication.

About the US 2019 Elite Business Awards

The aim of the US Business News is to explore impressive businesses in a myriad of industries. Leaving no stone unturned, US Business News takes into consideration companies in the smallest of suburbs to the largest metropolitan areas within American borders. On top of the Business Elite Awards, they offer accolades in both the technology and legal sectors. The main criteria that they look for is that you are the greatest in your sector!

The Business Elite Awards are based on merit rather than the number of votes received. Through a long process of evaluating a list of excellent companies, the end winner is judged on the quality of their product as well as their dedication to their service. This means that the winner of the award has the privilege of knowing that their business is causing a stir and gaining attention for their impressive efforts and expertise.

Knowing that US Business News seeks only the best, it is undeniable that this award was welcomed with open arms. Being recognized for our efforts has been a confirmation of what we already thought we knew – we provide the best website migration service on the market!

Winning this award doesn’t just acknowledge the work we do as an organization, but the efforts our employees constantly put into our business. Without them, we would never be able to provide our clients with the services we do! This has been a fantastic reminder that hard work does pay off, and that success is achievable through determination.

WordHerd: a Leader in Innovation

WordHerd is constantly working on innovating and bringing our clients the best migration services possible. As one of the first CMS and CRM migration companies, we strive to better our best and to keep winning those awards! Thankfully, we have an incredible team working on our system’s development and as such have been recognized by notable industry leaders.

As our platform grew out of the customer demand for website migration, we value the importance of keeping our clients at the fore of all that we do. Since our first migration project in 2015, we have grown in leaps and bounds to become the only automation technology behind the two Adobe-recommended partners (WP Engine and Pressable) for migration from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress. Now, in 2019, we are proud winners of the US Business News’ Best Website Migration Service. For a full list of our innovations and progress, click here.

More On Our Winning Services

Should you be new to WordHerd’s migration services, you may not be fully aware with why our platform and process is superior to our competitors. Aside from having a team of highly knowledgeable developers, our platform offers a full-service website migration process. We know how important is for our clients’ online presence to look its best, and that is why we are forever evolving our list of services to help such excellence be achieved.

One of our most notable advancements is our uniquely developed Wrangler processor. Through a term we have coined Intelligent Theming, we have created Wrangler to exactly replicate our users’ existing website design and theme onto their new WordPress platform. Wrangler is a responsive design feature that allows users to arrange their content similarly to how WordPress’ Gutenberg tool works. The biggest bonus behind this is that no detail is missed in migration, meaning that all of your content, including your theme’s layout, is exactly where it should be!

On top of our impressive Wrangler processor, we also offer:

  • Website maintenance
  • 301 redirects to retain a SEO equity after migration to WordPress
  • Website hosting
  • Google Webmaster Setup
  • Full migration of web page, blog posts, landing pages, images and assets

To follow on the aim of these awards, we hope that our innovations inspire other businesses to push their boundaries and become leaders in their own markets! We are honored to be labeled as pioneers in our industry, and strive to continue providing a winning level of service and results. Should 2019 be anything to go by, we are excited about what the future may bring.

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