Forensic Astrology – The Disappearance of Toni Lee Sharpless

Toni Lee Sharpless had been having fun with herself at a celebration in Brandywine, Pennsylvania when she determined it was time to go away.  She was final seen between three and three AM driving off in her automotive.  An occasion horoscope can yield an excessive amount of data on what occurs to folks throughout a selected time, so I solid a horoscope for three AM to seek out out extra about Toni’s disappearance.

There was not a lot distinction between three and three:30 AM by way of the Ascendant or necessary cusps altering, so I used three AM, which provides zero levels of Leo rising:  early levels signifies a brand new scenario creating.  She has left the get together and is now heading residence.  Sadly she by no means reaches her vacation spot.  Let’s have a look at what the planets need to say.

Toni is signified by the Solar in Virgo within the third home; she is entering into her automotive to drive residence.  This weak placement of the Solar reveals Toni had little management over the circumstances that adopted.   The third home can also be worrisome as a result of it incorporates the rulers of the eighth home of dying, the seventh home of open enemies, and the sixth home of illness and misfortune.

I imagine Toni met with foul play throughout her journey residence.  The ruler of the third home of journey, Mercury, is in that home and nearly to go retrograde, denying her a straightforward journey.  It’s accompanied by Saturn within the third; two forces got here into play to disclaim Toni’s security.

Saturn, the harbinger of hassle, opposes Uranus within the ninth home, displaying a potential site visitors accident or a sudden breakdown resulting from mechanical failure.  Since an opposition is concerned I’d suspect an accident.  The very best testimony to it is a malefic grand sq. in cardinal indicators:  Mercury, planet of journey, opposes the Aries Moon within the ninth home, and this axis is squared by Mars in Most cancers within the sad 12th home of distress.

Toni’s ruler, the Solar, guidelines each her and her automotive (2nd home).  No matter befell her was associated to a mishap along with her automotive:  it both broke down, and she or he was accosted, or she had an accident and met with foul play from strangers with evil intentions.

A verify of the positions of the mounted stars confirms violence:  Bellatrix, a malevolent mounted star of the character of Mars and Saturn, is strictly parallel Toni’s Solar and the Midheaven of the chart.  The evil mounted star Procyon is parallel the Moon.  Each spell tragedy and foul play for Toni within the hours following the get together.

In all my analyses of unlucky occasions I hope that I’m improper, and this case isn’t any exception.   The planets and their positions describe a tragic destiny, however hopefully Toni Lee shall be discovered and the occasions of that tragic evening will finally be delivered to mild.

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