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Ease of Use

When migrating your website to a new content management system, it is important to do your homework when it comes to important factors. These include things like monthly costs and the general ease of use.

When comparing Sitecore to WordPress, users generally agree that Sitecore is a lot more complex to wrap your head around. Especially if you are just starting out in the digital landscape.

You may need a certain amount of training to be able to understand and efficiently utilize most of Sitecore’s features. This content management system has its own analytics system and marketing automation tools. So, while the initial learning curve may be steep, it is scalable if you have the time and resources to make the most of it.

On the other hand, WordPress is well-known for having a very user-friendly interface – for both new and experienced website owners. Simplicity is often the best option when you want to accommodate both highly-trained developers and complete novices at a company. You won’t waste valuable time or energy on training employees to use the CMS.


When it comes to spending your resources wisely, it really pays to choose a content management system that you can afford. Sitecore licenses are subscription-based. They generally vary depending on factors like the number of your website visits per month, concurrent users, add-on modules, and on-production installations.

Each Sitecore system is designed and built with a commercial source code that requires a monthly licensing fee. The exact fee depends on the amount of support and features you have signed up for. This can be scaled to fit your customizations and business growth.

Although this arrangement can come in handy for larger companies, smaller businesses may not want to spend extra where they don’t need to. The lack of a concrete, fixed pricing plan may also complicate a business’s overall budgeting.

WordPress, however, is quite uncomplicated and also very affordable – for first-time website owners and larger companies alike.

Seeing as WordPress is open-source, you don’t need to pay for the content management system itself. However, extra costs do come into play when it comes to hosting. You may also need to pay for additional plugins and templates.

Target Audience

Inclusivity is an important trait when it comes to a content management system. Not only do you want your online platform to be user-friendly, but you want it to be accessible and usable by companies of all sizes.

Sitecore has high-level marketing and automation features. So, it may be a more feasible option for companies that focus on lead generation and that already have trained developers and marketers on the team.

In other words, Sitecore may work better with larger corporations that have 50 employees or more with dedicated IT and marketing teams. Start-ups that are trying to get their business off the ground may find it difficult to utilize and navigate all of it’’s features.

However, both smaller and big companies can make use of WordPress. This means that this content management system can truly grow with your company – making it a very versatile and inclusive option for any business. You don’t need any prior experience or training in using a content management system to make the most out of WordPress.


The digital world is very fast-paced and constantly evolving, the sooner you can get your online brand out there the better. However, not all content management systems are able to generate and uphold a stunning website in record time.

When it comes to Sitecore, you will most likely not be able to set up your website in one day. This is because the platform has unique requirements that only allows for customer development. Understandably, these custom solutions demand more time to get everything in line before your website will be able to go live.

However, WordPress is known for its accessibility, versatility, and general ease of use. These characteristics help users to create new, stunning websites in a matter of minutes. Cloud-based hosting and ready-to-use themes allow you to quickly navigate the site-building process. Thus, you can establish your website in no time.

The quicker you go online, the more engagement and brand-building opportunities can be utilized to grow your online presence. However, if you want to branch out and develop your website more fully in the future, WordPress is fully capable of doing so.

Ready To Migrate?

Not only is WordPress more affordable than DotNetNuke, but it also offers more features, updates, and patches. Through regular upkeep by a team of devoted developers, WordPress ensures best practices when it comes to web design and allows you to effortlessly implement SEO on all your web pages. With benefits like these, it is easy to see why WordPress is the preferred CMS for most online businesses. During the migration process, we will constantly keep you in the loop through detailed reports that will showcase your progress. Additionally, after every migration, we manually evaluate all migrated content, images, and assets to ensure quality and functionality.

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