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New To The Scene Vs Established CMS

Choosing the right content management system (CMS) is a challenging task that many are faced with. Entering the market with little knowledge means there is a risk of choosing the wrong one, and this can have serious repercussions for your online business and presence. For those who signed up for the recently released SilverStripe, you might have gotten to the point where you have realized that you want the backing of an established and trusted platform – WordPress.

Implementing a trusted CMS like WordPress will be the beginning of a successful online presence. It has been expanding its user base consistently since 2003 and is the largest system to power the internet today. It is for this reason that you should put serious consideration into migrating from SilverStripe to WordPress.

Content Customization

Being able to easily customize your content, landing pages, and posts will help your webpage get noticed easier and make a dent in its online presence. In other words, customization helps you differentiate from your competitors.

With each website being created, there will be a different purpose for its content. It’s therefore critical that you are provided with the right systems and plugins to support your website’s functionality. Although SilverStripe is a highly customizable platform, it will require extra effort to get the formatting right. In our opinion, only experienced coders should look to make serious changes on this platform as there is the danger of breaking functionality elsewhere on the website.

WordPress, on the other hand, is widely loved for its customization, easy-to-use plugins, and impressive themes. With thousands of themes to choose from, users can quickly choose the right look and feel for their website while still being able to customize the content to suit their overall image. Furthermore, you can find a plugin for nearly every purpose that won’t need any enhancements. What’s even better is that the online community provides a great source of support should you run into any issues.

Level of User Friendliness

For website newbies, the level of usability is a huge point to consider when looking to migrate their content from SilverStripe to WordPress. Whether you’re running the site by yourself or employing the help of an experienced developer, knowing how your site operates will come in handy should you face any issues.

What users love most about SilverStripe is that it has an incredibly clean user interface that’s built to be user-friendly. It also offers its users a help panel that can be utilized in the time of need. However, the true level of user-friendliness comes down to your degree of experience. For newbies, you may find it hard to adapt to how everything works and to understand the different sections. Another point to add is that if you hire a new content manager after the site has been created, you will need to dedicate time for a training session to hand over between the two.

The truth is WordPress is currently home to over 50% of online websites. This means that you are more likely often than not going to employ a web developer who is well versed in the world of WordPress. Despite having a more complex layout, this CMS’s latest update, Gutenberg, has completely changed how people create content. The intuitive website builder allows users to drag and drop their content while getting a clear view of how their pages will look. This makes it extremely useful for those new to website building without having to dive into the complexities of coding.

Security Capabilities & Update Frequency

In today’s digital world, a CMS’s security capabilities can either make or break your website. No one wants to have to spend money rebuilding after a hack. That is why protecting your site by frequently performing security updates is vital.

While both CMS’s offer impressive security functions to users, it should be noted that SilverStripe’s updates aren’t as easy. To upgrade, you will have to move your site over to the newest version. Not only can this be a complicated process but plugins and extensions may become incompatible after performing the update too.

Updates on WordPress, however, can be done at the click of a button. The themes and plugins you use are also constantly updated, so your entire site can have optimal measures in place without much input from yourself. Updates can be set to run automatically as well, and alerts on the dashboard will notify you of the status of all the system updates.

Ready to Migrate?

There’s a reason why the vast majority of website owners choose WordPress as their content management service. If you’re ready to migrate your content to a trusted and impressive CMS, we’re ready to help you!

Your website is the centerpiece of your company and transitioning to a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective content management system with a wide range of functionality is critical. Through WordHerd’s services you can keep the look and functionality of your current site and enjoy the convenience and the benefits WordPress has to offer.

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