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CMS Usability

Undertaking a Duda to WordPress migration can be a challenging task. Before settling on any content management system, you should carefully research and consider the options you have available. Factors such as features, usability, flexibility, customer support, and pricing of the content management system in question will determine what will benefit your business the most.

Although Duda provides the perfect platform for a developer to customize and put their coding skills to good use, unfortunately, this platform does not provide drag and drop functionality. This means that any individuals who can’t utilize HTML/CSS code won’t be able to easily design and modify their Duda website. By customizing your website, you will get a unique, aesthetically pleasing result. However, the process of learning a coding language may make Duda unnecessarily complicated and time taxing for some.

On the other hand, WordPress makes use of various plugins and templates which simplifies the process of building web pages and creating blog posts. After exploring this content management system, you will be able to customize layouts and implement designs without knowing a coding language. Although WordPress can take some time getting used to, its ease of use provides simplistic solutions to both the novice and experienced website builder.

Duda vs WordPress Features

To power various projects at once, your content management system needs to be laden with features that provide ample flexibility and versatility on both mobile and desktop devices. Duda has a range of features that provides lots of support for online purchasing. Its multiple eCommerce designs, product page layouts, newsletter options, and a multitude of payment solutions make managing an online store quite effortless.

Furthermore, it offers support in multiple languages, which enables you to have a global reach. By getting access to web page codes, you can also create additional linguistic options and settings in each language. Apart from its eCommerce and linguistic options, Duda also provides an InSite Tool, developer mode, and multiple integration options that make social media integration a breeze.

When compared to WordPress, however, Duda’s blogging features do not measure up. WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform, and as such, provides more customizable posts, time scheduling, management, and promotion tools. WordPress’ Gutenberg Editor is blocked-based which also simplifies website building and provides quick and effortless solutions to web management. Overall, WordPress provides more functional features which makes it the optimal choice for more advanced websites.

Themes and Templates

When it comes to creating a unique design for your website, Duda offers over 100 free templates. New themes are regularly added to the database, which means you won’t have trouble revamping your website. If you know how to code or can afford a web developer, you will be able to customize any template in the library via code injection in the developer mode.

Alternatively, you can also design a new template from scratch. The versatility that Duda offers can help high-end developers to create a unique aesthetic that truly captures the essence of their online business.

While Duda can offer pleasing design options for coders, WordPress levels the playing field by bringing accessibility to the table. WordPress offers both free and paid templates while also allowing for the integration of external designs.

Although both Duda and WordPress offer lots of design freedom in both their theme and template selection, WordPress takes the lead when it comes to the number of templates available to its users. WordPress enthusiasts also won’t need to know any coding language in order to fully utilize WordPress templates.

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