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WordPress is a more streamlined open-source solution that might be better for your business than Kentico, especially if you consider support for device compatibility and SEO optimization.

Intuitive Interface

When considering whether to migrate from Kentico to the WordPress content management system, it is important to get acquainted with your options to help you make an informed decision. The better suited your content management system is to your specific needs, the more productive and profitable your online business will be.

Kentico and WordPress are both well-known platforms that can offer invaluable support to your website and give your online ventures room to grow and expand. Kentico offers a wide variety of tools that can help any team to manage the more technical aspects of publishing content. With these tools, you can manage, edit and retrieve content easily.

However, proper training will be required in order to operate the given tools at their maximum potential. Kentico’s email marketing features will definitely need to be given proper time to navigate, as it is not very user-friendly.

On the other hand, WordPress offers a much more intuitive interface and editing system that doesn’t require extensive training to master. Content creation, web page building, and customization can be easily scaled by novice and developer alike with little to no support needed. Minimizing the training needed means you can enjoy optimal productivity without lowering the quality of your website or content.


Kentico can be downloaded for free, however, this option comes with some limitations. When operating a website on the free option, you will only be able to create 1000 pages, have one site administrator and editor, and up to 100 site members.

If you want to expand your website or increase the number of people allowed to operate or edit your site, you will have to invest in a base license for $4,499 or the ultimate license which costs $9,999. There is also a range of customizable options available to see to each website’s individual needs. These vary in price depending on your specific requirements.

In contrast, WordPress is completely free to download and use. The only real monthly costs incurred will be the hosting plan needed to get your website on the world wide web. However, if specific customizations that are not yet added to the WordPress template or plugin database are needed, developer and designer costs will also need to be considered if you choose to create your own unique designs or features.

For any business owner or freelancer, WordPress offers an affordable alternative when it comes to creating a website. Therefore, the CMS is a top choice when managing budgets is high on the priority list.

Technical Support

Seeing as Kentico only power 0,1% of the internet, their site management support offered to clients that make use of their free option is rather limited. The primary source of support when using the free version is online forums, which can be unreliable seeing as the Kentico community is still somewhat small.

However, this content management system’s pricier options lend support in the form of training, email, phone, and live support aid. Therefore, support in navigating your site can vary, depending on the subscription option you chose. For individuals making use of the free option, support can be hard to come by, making Kentico rather tricky to navigate for freelancers and small business owners alike.

When it comes to WordPress, finding solutions to simple or complex problems when building your website is very easy to come by. WordPress powers over 35% of all websites and is open source, which means that there is a large following of WordPress users and developers constantly improving the CMS’s performance. As a result, multiple channels of support have been made available to users through community forums, tutorials, and management guides.

This makes WordPress an excellent option for companies or individuals that need fast solutions to keep their website functional and perform at optimum levels.

Device Compatibility

Kentico is only supported on windows and web-based devices, meaning your website will only be accessible via desktops or laptops. Seeing as more than half of online searches and activity takes place on Android or Apple devices, this limitation can significantly affect the amount of traffic your website gets. As a result, the growth of your website and overall online presence may be negatively affected.

In contrast, WordPress offers device compatibility on Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac, and web-based devices, which will ultimately improve the accessibility of your website. By accommodating customers on channels that are convenient for them, you will automatically increase the number of visitors to your website.

Increased device compatibility also increases the chances of content being shared on social media, which will cause exponential growth and traffic to your published content.

65.2% of CMS websites online are powered by WordPress.


  • Live Websites: 21,393
  • Free Themes: N/A
  • Open Source: No
  • Plugins/Extensions: N/A
  • Ease of Use: Expert


  • Live Websites: 455 Million
  • Free Themes: Thousands
  • Ecommerce: Internal
  • Plugins/Extensions: 47k+
  • Ease of Use: Novice-Expert

Ready to Migrate?

Compared to Concrete5, WordPress is considered superior when surveying its usability, SEO optimization, the support offered and the large library of themes, plugins, and add-ons available to its users.

By migrating your website to WordPress, you will get to share in this platform’s outstanding features and enjoy a free migration evaluation courtesy of WordHerd to ensure optimal image and content quality after the move.

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