About WordHerd

WordHerd is a full-service boutique agency specializing in website development, design and migration to WordPress. Wrangling of all your content, assets, web forms and SEO from anywhere and any system. We can handle every aspect of your website move, no matter what platform you are on. We’re here to help you with any questions that arise out there in the wild west of the worldwide web.‌

Our Team

Our agency possesses a multifaceted approach, encompassing comprehensive expertise in professional website migration services and captivating, user-centric web designs, supported by extensive proficiency in front and back-end website development. Our leadership has authored renowned web technology books and articles for esteemed technology publishing firms, and we have been instructing web design and development since 2001. Boasting decades of collective experience in both creative and technical domains, we consistently achieve outcomes that exceed the objectives set by our clients.

WordHerd is Setting the Migration Industry Standards

As the first CMS migration company, WordHerd is a leader in the industry with many innovations. Our team has accomplished solutions to issues faced by our customers in their migrations to WordPress and are proud to share our accomplishments.


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