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WordPress provides a better, more versatile and flexible platform than Episerver.

Episerver, launched in 1994, is a popular solution to web content management, digital marketing and commerce. The services are directed towards enterprise companies, and provide pricing plans that reflect this target audience. Aside from offering more cost-effective solutions for users ranging from individual to large company; WordPress provides a better, more versatile and flexible platform. In practically every comparison you read, WordPress is described as a “blogging platform”. While, this is how WordPress got its start, it is simply is no longer the case. You can still create a blog on WordPress with little effort, but the platform has been a full-fledge content-management system for some time. WordPress provides administrative support on a wide variety of devices, the platform is easy to use, and it provides the user with many more features than Episerver and other enterprise-level competitors.

Device Support

In a world where people access sites on a variety of different devices, it’s important that your site is visible and responsive to all users trying to access it. While Episerver provides a responsive platform for Windows and Mac devices, WordPress can provide responsive access to a much wider variety of systems. In addition to being responsive on Windows and Mac platforms, WordPress sites are responsive to users accessing on iPhone,iPad, and Android devices as well. Approximately 52% of users access websites from their mobile devices, and having a website that caters to those users is critical. A responsive website reduces bounce rate by improving user experience and the overall impression of your site.

Ease of Use

A major drawback that comes with Episerver is that it’s a major time commitment. People choosing to adopt this platform have to put a lot of work into learning the interface and all the techniques required to host a website on the platform. The WordPress user interface is straightforward and easy to learn. The WordPress dashboard allows you to easily modify and update your site with little to no knowledge of web development. Also, allowing multiple users with different levels of access is a simple process on the platform. If there are multiple people responsible for modifying the site, those users don’t always have to go through the site administrator to make modifications. In turn, the administrator does not need to worry about other contributors making modifications to the website beyond their scope of access.

More Features

In addition to providing service at a significantly lower cost than Episerver; WordPress provides a much wider variety of features available to each user. Many of Episerver’s features are simply base expectations of what a user should have when choosing a content management system (CMS). These include content management, digital commerce and marketing, multi-site management, database support, and some basic customization options. In addition to the basic expectations associated with choosing a CMS, WordPress provides built-in search engine optimization, easy publishing, multilingual support, an extensive plugin library for additional functionality, a wide variety of free templates and customization, and a supportive community for troubleshooting. Basically, everything WordPress provides improves the user experience and makes any part of website maintenance convenient and easy to do. Customization is made simple even if you don’t have experience with web development, and there are thousands of pre-made themes to choose from. The plugin library is a major plus to WordPress, providing a large quantity of extra functionality to be easily added to each site for free. Overall, WordPress provides more features than Episerver and provides a much more effective pricing plan for those features.


Episerver is a commitment. It takes time to learn, and you don’t get much of a return on the time spent learning the platform. For all the effort and costs put into creating your website on Episerver, it’s not very responsive on devices outside of Windows and Mac desktop computers. The pricing plan for Episerver is inefficient and is really only realistic for enterprise companies, and the features you get for those prices are still limited. Because WordPress is open-source, it is free; you only need to pay for hosting and possibly basic web maintenance. WordPress also supports enterprise-level websites, there are many large organizations that use WordPress. The vast plugin library allows you to add functionality to your website that supports practically any aspect of a business. Customization is easy and there are thousands of free themes to choose from, and since pricing is only for premium plugins and themes, unnecessary costs are eliminated.

Migration of your current Episerver site to WordPress is made easy through WordHerd’s migration services. Transitions are made seamlessly through the use of proprietary migration tools and years of experience migrating thousands of sites. We invite you to review our portfolio of previous websites and read the testimonials of some of our satisfied customers.

Your website is the centerpiece of your company and transitioning to a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective content management system with a wide range of functionality is critical. Through WordHerd’s services you can keep the look and functionality of your current site and enjoy the convenience and the benefits WordPress has to offer.

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