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When compared with ColdFusion, WordPress offers better SEO capabilities, more features, and superior support.

Easy For Anyone To Use & Customize

One of the reasons you should migrate from ColdFusion to WordPress is how easy the latter is to use. For starters, the dashboard feature provides an overview of your activity and allows you to easily create and manage your websites and blog posts. 

Website maintenance has never been easier. WordPress also offers regular updates, free of charge, and all available at a single click of your mouse. If this isn’t enough, the same logic applies to their plugins and themes. ColdFusion has some customization functionality, but the options are limited compared to WordPress.

Users of WordPress don’t need to be web designers or programmers. The software offers so many tools you can utilize to create the perfect website without any coding knowledge. The thousands of free templates, the customizable panels, the adjustable sliders, and almost every aspect of the user interface is customizable to suit the aesthetic of your business.

Another feature that makes WordPress easy for anyone to use is the ability to set up backups and store them in third-party cloud storage. That means if you make changes that you want to revert in the future or an unforeseen error occurs, you will always have a backup to go back to.

WordPress, unlike ColdFusion, offers free tutorials and guides to using the software. These guides are all included in the software itself so you don’t need to go searching for them.

Meets The Needs of Any Business

Many businesses, big or small, will need some sort of software or tools to maintain and manage their website. Whether that’s hiring an IT expert with experience in web coding or design, or paying for expensive software that’s complicated to use, WordPress is a solution that outweighs any option.

Since WordPress is open-source software, the security and customization features are free of charge. Additionally, you can use code and resources from other WordPress users to help your business.

WordPress also offers impressive SEO features and plugins. This helps your business’s website reach the top of the search engine results pages and become more visible. 

Whilst WordPress is open source, they offer a premium version for the larger companies looking to fully utilize every feature the CMS has to offer. It is also easily scalable as you can easily add on different plugins that add extra functionality and capabilities to your website. This is what makes it perfect for meeting the needs of any business looking for a good CMS.

In addition, WordPress’s security features will ensure that any website you create is protected with the highest level of security. This saves you from subscribing to third-party protection software – making it suitable for small and big businesses alike. 

A Large Amount Of Support

WordPress offers a massive amount of support and maintenance. It has a support service that’s available 24/7, assisting you via email or a live chat feature. This ensures that all your WordPress problems will be solved by professionals that are always ready and willing to help.

Unlike with ColdFusion, you don’t need to purchase newer versions of WordPress. Old versions of ColdFusion reach an end-of-life period where support and updates stop. So, eventually, you will be forced to buy newer versions.

When it comes to community support, WordPress has millions of users across the globe. Since so many users are wanting to maintain, create or monitor a website, many users will likely encounter the same problems you face. That means that if one user develops a solution, you can make use of that same solution for free.

Quick & Easy Search Engine Optimization

What makes WordPress preferable over ColdFusion is how SEO-friendly it is. Many smaller companies don’t have the funds or expertise to always ensure that their website is a top-ranking SEO site. Luckily, WordPress offers the right tools and techniques to ensure your business stays at the top.

WordPress optimizes your content accordingly, providing a good site structure to suit the needs of your clients. It also helps incorporate keywords that will help your target audience find your website easily and identify what exactly your business does.

The SEO tools that WordPress has to offer include ones that speed up your website. If you want to beat your competitors, you want to ensure that your website is fast and accessible.

WordHerd Customers

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"WordHerd did an amazing job with our CMS migration to Wordpress. They over-delivered on our expectations and handled the process end to end, on time, and on budget. The team is fantastic to work with. They had the experience and depth of knowledge to handle our large scale project, which was built on an out of date, clunky CMS. And they migrated it to Wordpress without any issues. Their communication was excellent. Their documentation was excellent. Their work was excellent. We have benefited greatly from the success of this project WordHerd handled, and I'm very grateful for that. I would highly recommend WordHerd for any development project."

Senior Web Developer at
DNN to WordPress

"Great solution for converting HubSpot pages to WordPress pages - efficient and inexpensive. The team was easy to work with - anticipated design options and recommended best practices. Also, very good on communicating status and deliverables. Would work with them again!"

Chief Marketing Officer at NuAge Experts
HubSpot to WordPress

“We were moving a website from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress and WordHerd did the content migration for us. It was an excellent job and saved us a lot of aggravation and time. Well done!“

Alan Tomkins
Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress

"I highly recommend WordHerd. They are knowledgeable, responsive and completed my project in a timely manner. Kris was extremely helpful and was always available to answer questions/concerns and made the process very seamless. Let these guys do the heavy lifting for you."

Lee Miles
Custom CMS to WordPress

"We needed to migrate our library region's website after our current provider unexpectedly stopped doing business. WordHerd took over and migrated our existing website, including creating a new start page. They are easy to work with and they are very responsive."

Kristi Hanson
Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress

"Very happy with the Umbraco to WordPress migration done by WordHerd, a fairly priced and smooth service that allows us an agency to focus on higher value tasks, out sourcing this to WordHerd was definitely a good call"

Bill Roberts
Umbraco to WordPress

"As brands begin the complex process of migrating their sites off Adobe Business Catalyst in the wake of the end of development announcement, having a partner in WordHerd with extensive experience transferring business sites from Business Catalyst to WordPress can be absolutely instrumental to success. WP Engine's WordPress digital experience platform coupled with WordHerd's expertise will prove an unbeatable combination as companies re-imagine their favorite Business Catalyst features on WordPress."

VP of Strategic Alliances WP Engine

"My challenge was to migrate a web site (at least the data and a basic design) from Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress. WordHerd was able to migrate over 2,400 media files, 128 image galleries, and 171 pages, maintaining all of the interrelationships among the content items. This was a website that consisted of several WebApps and complex links between the various assets. WordHerd was able to migrate the site and keep all of the data relationships intact -- all in about two weeks time! Amazing work that exceeded expectations!"

Principal Consultant - NetPro Consulting, LLC
Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress

"WordHerd provided a smooth and hassle free migration process for our blog. Excellent customer service and an overall excellent experience."

Digital Marketing Specialist – PLS Logistics Services
Hubspot to WordPress

"They helped us out with not only one, but two website migrations and redesigns. The jump from DNN to WordPress was long overdue and they got it done without a hiccup."

Marketing Specialist – NECC Marketing
DNN to WordPress

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It is clear that WordPress is superior to ColdFusion in many ways. So, if you are thinking about migrating, then we can help make the process easy and stress-free. Make the right choice and migrate from ColdFusion to WordPress with WordHerd today.