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An Affordable, SEO-Friendly Alternative to Umbraco

WordPress is Fit For Any User

When considering whether to migrate your site from Umbraco to WordPress, there are numerous points in favor of the latter. Compared to WordPress, Umbraco has a steeper learning curve and is more suited to web developers. This complex platform allows you to edit your website in a sophisticated fashion and put your coding skills to good use.

Users who have mastered coding languages like PHP, CSS3, and HTML5 will be able to customize their website without any difficulty. On the one hand, this platform fits seasoned web users. But on the other hand, it will alienate new website owners that lack experience with web design.

However, when using WordPress, no prior web knowledge is required as this CMS is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. This means picking up the basics is effortless and that there are no requirements when it comes to having coding experience. Various plugins and themes will allow you to customize your website to your liking and ensure you have optimum functionality.

Furthermore, WordPress comes with its own community of developers and avid supporters who are able to provide advice or assist you with technical difficulties should you need it. The large amount of website owners utilizing WordPress translates into a higher developmental rate within the software, which means that technical problems are usually attended to in record time.

WordPress is Affordable

Umbraco’s range of extensions means that you have to carefully plan out your website so that it caters to your unique needs. Your website blueprints will then have to be translated into code and implemented by your development team.

Seeing as you won’t be able to oversee this process yourself without extensive coding knowledge, you will have to invest money into a professional web design team if you want to ensure a satisfying end product. While some industry professionals can afford this luxury, most first-time business owners are not in the same fortunate position.

WordPress, on the other hand, continues to cater to a range of budgets and business types. With start-up costs only requiring you to cover small expenses such as annual hosting, WordPress is truly known for its affordability.

Many of the themes and plugins available to you can be downloaded for free. However, you can also find 3rd party integrations that are a bit more sophisticated in functionality and price if you ever have need of it.

WordPress Gives You The Reins

Although Umbraco gives you a platform that can support the design of a complex website, maintaining that website will require extensive web development knowledge. Not only will it cost on the development and design front, but you will have to dive into coding every time something needs to be tweaked. For most seasoned coders, this can be a welcome challenge.

However, if you are just starting out then this will require you to seek out a developer that can help you navigate updates, glitches or any upgrades that you wish to make. Some website owners prefer to keep the creation process a solo endeavor so they can learn as they go along. Although Umbraco can offer this to coders, unfortunately, it can’t give the same creative control to novices.

In contrast, WordPress allows you to learn as you create without the need of web developers largely due to its drag and drop features. It also features an intuitive dashboard that supports the learning process of new users.

Ultimately, you are in total control of your website when using WordPress. Experienced developers are only required if you need very specific customization on your website.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

As a fully functional content management system, Umbraco understands the importance of SEO. This clear understanding has led to the creation of various downloadable programs that can be added to your website to facilitate proper SEO practices. Although these SEO checkers can be useful, most of them will increase your monthly expenditure after the initial trial period.

However, when using WordPress, all SEO functionalities come in the form of a plugin. Most of these top-rated SEO plugins are free of charge and guide the website administrator to keep with good SEO practices through easy-to-understand color bars.

This intuitive approach to SEO takes out any technical requirements to ranking in Google, and with WordPress already being preferred by Google, users have a ranking advantage. Furthermore, Umbraco may require extra coding to ensure proper SEO integration within the webpages and posts, whereas WordPress does not.

Ready to Migrate?

Although Umbraco may be the perfect fit for web developers, WordPress fits every demographic when it comes to powering fully customizable, functional and SEO-optimized websites. If you want to migrate your website from Umbraco to WordPress, contact WordHerd for affordable migration rates and a free evaluation.

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