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WordPress is a More User-Friendly and Intuitive Content Management System

Drupal is an open source content management system, which allows for the creation of complex websites and web applications. It has many similarities to WordPress in terms of the functionality it allows, but that’s really the only category in which the platform truly excels. Created in 2001, Drupal became a leading option for CMS platforms and grew to be widely used by web developers. Like the functionality it allows, Drupal is a very complex system. In order to fully utilize its capabilities, one must go through extensive tutorials and guides in order to grasp a basic understanding of the platform. For a CMS, this is a bit of an unreal expectation because the entire point of using such a platform is convenience. This is why WordPress is a much better option, and there are many reasons users might find migrating a Drupal site to WordPress beneficial.

WordPress Offers the Same Functionality

While WordPress began as more of a blogging platform, its features now expand far beyond that. WordPress has a vast library of plugins that each allow the user to add a different element of functionality to their website. Drupal’s main advantage is the complex functionality it allows. However, WordPress allows the user to manage the functionality they wish to add much more easily, and only charges for each plugin used. This eliminates any unnecessary costs, and allows the user to only pay for the features they use.

WordPress is Easy

Yes, Drupal definitely offers advanced functionality, but the platform is difficult to learn and difficult to use. Drupal requires the user to already have a rather advanced understanding of web development, which somewhat defeats the purpose of a CMS. If a user commissions a freelancer or a web development firm to create a site using the Drupal platform, they are left with a site that is difficult for them to maintain and almost impossible for them to change or overhaul without first undergoing serious training with the platform. WordPress, however, offers an easy-to-use user interface that allows for customizations and updates to be made to the site without knowing very much about web development.


WordPress offers a variety of themes, and essentially holds your hand through the process of creating your site. Drupal offers very few free pre-made themes because of the expectation that everything on Drupal is custom. WordPress is very customizable as well, but it also helps the user start off in the right direction. Major aesthetic changes and site updates are easily managed through the WordPress dashboard, where Drupal would require a lot more work and would not be nearly as simple.

65.2% of CMS websites online are powered by WordPress.


  • Live Websites: 770,000+
  • Free Themes: 2k+
  • Plugins/Extensions: Limited
  • Ease of Use: Expert
  • Unique Branding/Design: Difficult
  • User Friendly Administration: No


  • Live Websites: 455 million
  • Free Themes: Thousands
  • Plugins/Extensions: 47k+
  • Ease of Use: Novice-Expert
  • Unique Branding/Design: Easy
  • User Friendly Administration: Yes

Ready to Migrate?

WordPress allows sites to have the same functionality Drupal allows, but is much easier to use. By migrating your website to WordPress, you can have the functionality your site requires as well as all the benefits the platform has to offer. Users can manage the site through convenient dashboards and optimize SEO. Administrators can manage levels of access for other users (eg. admins, authors, editors, readers etc.) and perform site updates easily, and the site can remain live for the entire process. Maintaining your site should be an easy process, and WordPress provides the tools you need to make this as convenient as possible.

Migration of your current Drupal site to WordPress is made easy through WordHerd’s migration services. Transitions are made seamlessly through the use of proprietary migration tools and years of experience migrating thousands of sites. We invite you to review our portfolio of previous websites and read the testimonials of some of our satisfied customers.

Your website is the centerpiece of your company and transitioning to a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective content management system with a wide range of functionality is critical. Through WordHerd’s services you can keep the look and functionality of your current site and enjoy the convenience and the benefits WordPress has to offer.

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