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WordPress Is Affordable and Powers Millions Of Websites

Ektron, who recently merged with Episerver, is a content management system built on Microsoft Technologies. The merger has meant several things for the CMS, one of them being that support and updates are slowly winding up and migrating is inevitable. As the foundation for more than half of websites globally, WordPress is an obvious choice to move to.

You can argue that there are still a few more years before Ektron completely sunsets, but given the inevitability of the situation and given WordPress’s many advantages into account, planning the migration sooner than later is the best choice.

Before the merger, Ektron was known as one of the top providers of quality web development services. It has a number of cutting-edge website management tools and like WordPress, is known for its easy to use content editor. However, it is currently only powering over 4,000 global organizations and comes at a price.

In contrast, WordPress is the most requested CMS in the world and because it is an open source solution that benefits from community input, you get access to its functionalities either for free or at a more affordable rate.

WordPress Is Regularly Updated

Since the merger between Ektron and Episerver, their designated developer team has been fixed on creating a next-generation product that combines the best qualities of both CMS platforms. Although the support offered for Ektron’s current client base has been on-going throughout the merger, it has been established that future version updates will not be implemented.

Without regular updates and maintenance done on this content management system, it will eventually become vulnerable to security threats, bugs, and a lack of support. Consequently, the migration of your Ektron website will be inevitable if you want to keep up with the evolution of technology.

Over the years, Ektron has fallen behind when it comes to usability principles that are implemented through modern web development processes. Back-end authoring and the administrative interface have not improved much in terms of ease of use and usability over time. Consequently, the user experience is often perceived as unsystematic or inconsistent.

When migrating to WordPress you will find that the software’s large community of developers are continually striving to better this open source platform. As a result, WordPress offers regular updates for themes and plugins that will help prevent security breaches. These updates also help to improve performance and can speed up your website’s loading time which will improve the overall user experience.

WordPress Offers a Higher Return on Investment

Although Ektron offers more control over content and generation of marketing campaigns, it is still not an open source platform. This means that you will have to pay the premium to get your hands on all the various features that this CMS offers.

In contrast, WordPress enables you to build a professional website within a short period of time at no extra cost. The only start-up investments you will have to make will involve your hosting provider and the purchase of a domain name.

Furthermore, WordPress themes are continually improved with aesthetics, web standards, and user-friendliness in mind. This means you do not need to spend more and undertake complex development processes to drive traffic to your website. There is also no extra configuration or integrations required apart from customizing your theme.

As a result, WordPress automatically offers a higher return on investment based on the fact that it is an affordable and fully customizable platform that can provide any functionality you need. The admin dashboard is navigationally intuitive and provides a user-friendly interface to all your website visitors, you will be able to focus on your brand and not spend time figuring out your CMS platform.

WordPress is Extremely Flexible

When it comes to flexibility, both content management systems are quite versatile. However, WordPress is still more versatile than Ektron thanks to the accessible software coded by motivated web developers around the world.

While Ektron’s Smart Forms allow for an easy and consistent content entry method, the built-in systems are a little more difficult to use. WordPress, on the other hand, offers both a simple content entry method, as well as simple management systems through their various extensions and plugins.

Through these plugins and extensions, you can add specific features or services to your website without the aid of in-depth coding knowledge or a developer. Many of these plugins also help to extend functionality and only require you to download and then activate them via your WordPress dashboard.

We corral the content, move it over to finer pastures, and make sure it is well-groomed and ready to make you a success.

Ready to Migrate?

When comparing the cost and functionality that each of these content management systems offers, it is easy to see why WordPress is the most popular software solution across the globe. Furthermore, because Ektron is gradually being phased out, the regular updates that protect against security threats, as well as the on-going support, are diminishing too. There has never been a better time to migrate your website.

65.2% of CMS websites online are powered by WordPress.


  • Live Websites: 500
  • Free Themes: N/A
  • Ecommerce: $8,000+
  • Plugins/Extensions: N/A
  • Ease of Use: Expert


  • Live Websites: 455 Million
  • Free Themes: Thousands
  • Ecommerce: Internal
  • Plugins/Extensions: 47k+
  • Ease of Use: Novice-Expert

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