Migrate from Insightly to HubSpot CRM

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  • Contacts, Companies, Deals, etc.
  • Connect Notes, Calls & Emails.
  • Maintain data relationships.
  • Connect custom fields and values.
  • Combine with a website migration.


When migrating from one customer relationship management (CRM) platform to another, it’s important to do some research beforehand to ensure that you pick the best fit for your business. So, before migrating from Insightly to HubSpot, you can read up on some of the differences between the two platforms here.

Insightly combines sales and contact management with project management and allows you to customize your platform as you go. So, you can showcase just about any combination of sales or project data. Much like HubSpot, it is available in both a free and premium version. But, unlike HubSpot, Insightly bills you per user. This means that costs can stack up pretty quickly if you have a big team or plan to expand.

The basic free plan allows for two users with the Plus plan costing $29 per user per month. The Professional plan totals $49 per user per month. With Insightly, all plans include deal tracking, project, and contact management, and some customizations when purchasing paid plans.

On the other hand, HubSpot’s CRM is free and allows for unlimited users. This means it can accommodate a much bigger team even if you’re on a budget. You also get storage for up to one million contacts, contact management, live chat, ticketing, and much more. In addition, you can add extra sales and marketing features starting at $50 per user.


Although both CRM platforms are relatively easy to use, there are some key differences between the two. Insightly is ideal for small businesses that need a platform to manage their projects, sales, customer relations and even writing tasks. Although the platform itself is intuitive and utilitarian, getting tasks done sometimes takes a bit longer than it should.

This is because the platform sometimes requires you to double click on certain tabs to complete an action when it should only take one click. Unlike HubSpot, Insightly also doesn’t make use of auto-population when it comes to company details. You have to fill everything in manually.

HubSpot is known for its intuitiveness and ease of use which makes it effortless to perform routine functions on a daily basis. In the latest upgrade to the platform, it has added custom objects, sophisticated sales reporting, and advanced permissions. These give sales reps more flexibility and control when reporting back to clients.

Revenue attribution reporting, account-based marketing tools, and AI-powered A/B testing are just some of the added features that make this platform the ideal choice when monitoring sales. When using HubSpot, you will also be able to pinpoint channels and touchpoints that truly drive value. This means you won’t have to bend over backward to provide clients with detailed monthly reports.


When introducing your team to new software, it may take a while for them to fully grasp all its features and functionality. For this reason, a lot of marketing hubs invest in proper training so that their team can be brought up to speed by software professionals.

Luckily, both HubSpot and Insightly offer training via multiple channels to overcome any initial hurdles that your team may face. Both platforms offer online training through live stream, detailed webinars, and various documentation to help you and your team to get to grips with the software.

But, what makes HubSpot unique here is its offer to train your team in person. When it comes to any new software, problems may arise that can be tricky to solve long distance. With HubSpot, this won’t be a problem as a trained professional can come to train your team in-person.

HubSpot also offers training through HubSpot Academy. This is an online platform that has trained and certified over 165,000 professionals through its online portal. HubSpot Academy offers training in inbound and email marketing, social media, content marketing, and inbound sales.


Although both platforms boast tons of useful features, HubSpot takes the lead when it comes to delivering inbound experiences that are insightful, relevant, and personalized. It also offers lead scoring, social CRM, lead segmentation, SMS marketing, and predictive analytics.

It makes bulk social media posting effortless and creating invoices or quotes can be done at a moment’s notice. This CRM truly goes out of its way to offer value for every cent you invest in the platform.

Insightly also offers a bunch of features to clients. However, it seems to be missing key features that HubSpot includes. Things like SMS marketing will not be included in your package. The platform’s limited search functionality can also make it rather difficult to locate contacts.