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In the online world, investing in efficient and versatile marketing software is crucial. This allows you to create successful marketing campaigns. Using marketing software in conjunction with best marketing practices and proven strategies turns manual procedures into effective automated interactions. In other words, not all marketing software is equal.

As a fairly new marketing automation software, SharpSpring has not yet made a real name for itself. Although industry professionals have tried and tested this software and found it satisfactory, in reality, this marketing software has not been around long enough to make significant improvements on what is already available.

In contrast, HubSpot is one of the most well-recognized names in inbound marketing and many businesses trust it to get the job done. It was founded in 2006 and is a knowledge-based source that offers marketing tips and tricks to both new and old marketers. This makes it the perfect choice for all types of businesses – big and small.

Due to its reputation for reliability within the marketing industry and the years of experience under this software’s belt, you cannot go wrong with HubSpot.

Customer Management

When it comes to customer management, it is always more beneficial to have your entire toolset in one location. HubSpot understands this. Thus, it has all the essential tools that most digital marketing companies would need for customer management. All integrated into their CRM. You can easily track leads and customer behavior in order to better understand how to adjust your marketing strategy.

Its CRM also simplifies communication with potential buyers in real-time. You can also integrate client emails from platforms like Outlook, Gmail, and other communication tools, like different social media platforms. You can do all of this at no extra cost to your company.

In addition, it allows you to communicate with customers or potential leads through SMS marketing and bulk social media posting. This makes keeping in touch relatively easy when you want to keep your customer base up to date.

SharpSpring’s lead scoring tool can automatically identify potential prospects in its CRM platform and detect how leads naturally evolve over time. But, the CRM does not have the same number of features aiding customer management in comparison with HubSpot. While it allows for bulk social media posting, it does not offer features like SMS marketing.

SEO Recommendations

When it comes to optimizing content, SharpSpring does not offer any SEO recommendations to help you in that regard. This can really make inbound marketing much more difficult than it needs to be. In order to remedy this, you would have to optimize every content piece individually. This would be much more time consuming and generally inefficient when it comes to your workforce’s resources. It also means that SharpSpring would definitely not be the ideal marketing platform for SEO marketing agencies.

However, HubSpot offers a wide range of SEO tools that you can utilize when optimizing content or website pages for search engines. The SEO Recommendation tool alone can scan an entire domain with its relevant subdomains. Regardless of the content management system it is hosted on. Furthermore, the optimization panel in the content editor also recommends SEO action for specific blogs or pages.

In essence, all of its SEO tools analyze the HTML markup of your page to ascertain what the content is about. It uses content hotspots like the headers, title, keywords, and even images used in the text. This is useful because search engines mostly scan the HTML markup of a webpage when identifying search results.


Although many would argue that SharpSpring is the more cost-effective option, you have to take into consideration how much money you would actually need to purchase and set up the software. When compared to HubSpot, SharpSpring’s initial cost and setup fees are a lot steeper. To sign up, you will have to pay $400 per month. Furthermore, the setup fee of $1,800 will set you back even more and is a lot pricier than HubSpot’s $650 base price.

HubSpot also has its own academy that offers free courses on all things marketing. This helps make it the perfect affordable platform for a startup company that is still learning all the ins and outs of marketing.

Their CRM also comes 100% free and offers all the basic services you would need when first starting out. Seeing as the price increases as you scale up, you are also in complete control when it comes to your marketing budget.

Ready To Migrate?

Although SharpSpring does offer competitive marketing tools at a relatively affordable price, it does not compare to HubSpot when it comes to SEO or customer management. HubSpot offers pricing variation that can fit any budget and has years of experience under its belt when it comes to inbound marketing.

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