5 More Reasons To Migrate From Craft To WordPress

Craft CMS’s adoption rate has already surpassed that of established CMS platforms like Sitefinity and October CMS. But can it hold its ground against WordPress?

To shed some light on the topic, this article highlights five additional reasons why you should migrate from Craft CMS to WordPress.

Easy Customization For Non-Developers

Is more creative freedom really a good thing when building websites? If you aren’t a developer, then not really. Craft CMS is a dream-come-true for coders that want to forge their own path. However, if you are just starting out online, then WordPress will definitely be more up your alley.

Now, if you are already using Craft CMS, but realize that the platform isn’t user-friendly for everyone on your creative team, then it might be better to switch to WordPress. WordPress not only offers an extremely user-friendly interface, but the platform’s block editor also makes any customization a breeze.

Plugins and Integration

Although WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform, that all changed when the community decided to turn it into a CMS. As a result, provisions were made for WordPress to accommodate various integrations and software plugins. Currently, you can access more than 55,000 plugins in its library!

Although plugin integration on Craft is not particularly difficult, it simply can’t compete with WordPress.

If you find that there are certain functionalities that can’t be accessed or integrated right away on Craft CMS, then it might be better to migrate to WordPress. After all, integration hiccups can hinder website traffic, frustrate your team, and negatively affect functionality.

eCommerce Capabilities

Both WordPress and Craft CMS have their own dedicated channels for eCommerce, namely WooCommerce and Craft Commerce. At first glance, the two platforms might seem pretty similar. However, to fully utilize each eCommerce channel, the two platforms’ requirements differ quite a bit.

Craft Commerce requires you to hire a Craft CMS developer. WordPress, on the other hand, doesn’t. You can figure it all out pretty easily on your own as WordPress has tons of useful resources on how to use WooCommerce. No need to outsource a developer for help!


WordPress offers a myriad of premade templates to choose from to help you create a website that is both beautiful and functional. All without the help of a professional web designer or developer.

It’s also incredibly efficient to use templates as you won’t have to design the layout of each page. Instead, you can choose a premade layout that already suits your brand.

With Craft CMS, this is not possible, which means you will require more designing efforts to get the website aesthetic you want.

High-Quality Media Uploader

If you are using Craft CMS, then you might be having a hard time uploading media files to your CMS on a daily basis. Not only do you first have to dictate where each file needs to be stored, but there are also a host of other settings that you need to configure beforehand.

If you prefer a fast, high-quality media uploader, then consider migrating to WordPress. The default WordPress media uploader allows you to upload multiple files to your WordPress site at just a click of a button. Not only will this save your team precious time, but it’s also easier to locate uploaded files later on.

Final Thoughts

Although Craft CMS and WordPress are both great CMS options, it might be better to migrate to WordPress if you want to work more efficiently. Not only can WordPress give you great results, but it also doesn’t require in-depth technical knowledge. This means you can save on resources, but still reach your online goals.