How Is WordHerd Different Than CMS2CMS

Making the choice to migrate your website from one CMS to another is a big step. Choosing the right migration service is just as important, and you may be comparing WordHerd and CMS2CMS to see which can assist you with this. While both offer a migration service for websites, there are notable differences that should be taken into consideration before making your final choice.

What Is CMS2CMS?

CMS2CMS is a migration tool that ultimately manages the transfer of your website’s data from one CMS to another. It mainly acts as an automated service for content management systems and forum data migrations.

Currently, CMS2CMS can only migrate the following content:

  • Written text content
  • Website categories
  • Users
  • Post images
  • Post comments
  • Content tags
  • Attachments

For this tool to work, you will have to download an extra plugin such as the Connection Bridge or the Connector Plugin/Extension to first establish a connection between the two sites. After going through the process of extracting these files and verifying your sites, you will be able to move onto the migration process. CMS2CMS doesn’t support theme transfers.

Why Choose WordHerd?

Unlike CMS2CMS, WordHerd doesn’t act as a plugin or tool. In fact, we offer our clients full-service website migration assistance that leaves you able to focus on what you do best – running your online strategy. By being able to move all of your website data from any CMS platform into WordPress, we make managing your sites a breeze.

So, how does our service work? With the use of a uniquely developed proprietary software, Wrangler, we can migrate your site data and information to WordPress in a few simple steps. What’s even better is that it is completely manageable by you through the WordPress admin allowing you to be in control of your own content.

You will also have the option to choose us as your web hosting provider – meaning that we will have complete control over your web environment. The benefit with such a set up means that you won’t have to go between third-party hosting providers to ensure your site is running effectively – leaving you with very little to worry about.

As you can probably already tell, unlike CMS2CMS, WordHerd isn’t just a migration service. We can provide insights into your site’s user-experience, website design, website development, SEO and assist you with CRM data migration.

WordHerd’s Secret Winning Service Tool: Wrangler

One of the biggest differences between using WordHerd over CMS2CMS is our proprietary Wrangler processor which uses Gutenberg blocks as a foundation. We are the first website migration company to offer this service and plan to continue expanding its capabilities.

Through a process we have coined Intelligent Theming, Wrangler allows us to replicate your existing website design and theme, so as to recreate the look on your new WordPress website. This means there is no need to overhaul the look of your website or get developers or designers involved to preserve it.

Between Gutenberg and 3rd party Kadence blocks, we can automatically create 14 blocks that replicate a page layout. In the future, this number will expand as support for other builders and Gutenberg blocks are added. As we expand our block capabilities, so will our pool of services’ ability to meet the needs of all content curators.

Wrangler is the very reason why we are able to recreate the layout of your website and ensure that it is fully migrated and restored to its original standing. You also won’t run the risk of losing any important data through the move. As we’ve already mentioned above, CMS2CMS does not offer theme or template migrations which may result in costly re-designs or faulty data transfers.

Our Migration Services Include:

  • Posts, pages, and assets
  • 301 Redirects
  • Web Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Webmaster Setup
  • WordSecured WordPress Security

We have handled hundreds of website migrations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. With the help of our trusted Wrangler software, we have transferred everything from personal blog sites to thousands of e-commerce based shopping cart capabilities.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, while CMS2CMS offers a practical solution to content migrations, it does not provide a fully automated and specialist supported migration as WordHerd does.

With CMS2CMS, you will be required to download and track added plugins across both sites before enabling the migration systems. However, our specialists and advanced tools simplify this process for you, providing you with a completely seamless experience that doesn’t cost you hours of work or money.

Of course, the biggest difference between these two platforms is WordHerd’s Wrangler software. While CMS2CMS can only handle content transfers, Wrangler allows WordHerd to migrate everything from blog posts to pages to images, all the while recreating your preferred website design.