Migrate Page Layouts To Kadence Blocks For Gutenberg

Ever wanted to extend your editing capabilities in your current content management system? You are not alone. In order to create really engaging content that doesn’t simply follow a formula when it comes to structure and layout, you need a platform that offers lots of options.

Not all page editors are set on giving their users plenty of space to play around with when it comes to creating engaging content. The resulting monotonous display of identical posts and pages can have a big effect on your monthly reach and also says a lot about your brand.

In order to avoid repetitive page layouts, Kadence Blocks offers to extend your editing capabilities when using WordPress by giving you the option to build custom blocks when using the Gutenberg editor.

What Are Kadence Blocks For Gutenberg?

Kadence Blocks for Gutenberg is a free plugin designed specifically for WordPress users to extend their options when it comes to building custom layouts and creating more engaging content. In other words, this plugin takes the place of other popular page builders without being an actual page builder.

With this plugin, your layout options are wide open. It offers an array of editing options, such as better control over your columns to accommodate different screen sizes. Furthermore, it also provides full row editing tools such as gradients, overlays, padding, vertical-align, backgrounds, and loads more.

You don’t have to invest in a complex page builder to get the same results when it comes to designing a top-notch website. Compared to other page builders, Kadence Blocks is a lot easier to navigate as it doesn’t require training to operate. Simply download, install, and enjoy.

Create Better Page Layouts With Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks comes packed with loads of key features and prebuilt templates. These will make your website truly stand out from the scores of other digital options out there.

Custom Backgrounds

The Row Layout block allows you to create custom backgrounds whilst defining your own margins and padding. It is suitable for both desktop and mobile layouts and can have up to six columns.

You can also put other blocks inside a single column block. This allows you to create a multi-layered design with unlimited possibilities.

Multiple Photo Galleries

If you want to add multiple photo galleries to your page in different styles, then you will be very satisfied with the Advanced Gallery block. The different gallery styles include grid, carousel, masonry, fluid width carousel, and slider.

You also get to choose your caption location, which allows you to place the viewer’s focus exactly where you want it. Furthermore, you can choose the appropriate thumbnail ratio within each gallery and add an image filter and box shadows as well as set a border radius.

Each image can also carry a custom link to another page or website and you can enable a built-in lightbox.

Full Control Of Headings

If you want your headings to really reel people in, then you will be happy to know that Kadence Blocks provides an Advanced Heading block. This provides you with full control of your headings.

When using this plugin, you will have more say in the type of fonts you use, along with font size and weight. You also get to choose the line height, letter spacing, margin, and alignment. In addition to this, you can style different sections of your heading in a unique way.

Tabs And Buttons

If you need to give your readers loads of options, the Advanced Button block can help. It allows you to place five buttons side by side and gives you the freedom to control each of them individually.

You will have access to static and hover styles and you can enjoy support for video links that open fully into a popup that is already built into the block.

When it comes to the Tab block, there is hardly anything that you can’t customize. Whether you want to play around with color, spacing, text, or icons, you can set it all up either vertically or horizontally. In essence, each tab is extremely moldable and is able to contain other blocks. Your editing options are virtually limitless.

Migrate Your Page Layouts To Kadence Blocks For Gutenberg

Migrating your page layouts to Kadence Blocks can help you to save energy and time when creating unique, custom-built pages. It is important to note that Kadence Blocks is a plugin specifically built for WordPress, which means you would have to migrate your website to WordPress to utilize it.

Kadence Blocks cancel the need to invest in any other page builder, and seeing that it is a plugin, the installation process is also pretty straightforward. Why wait? Start using Kadence Blocks for Gutenberg today and create better page layouts for your website!