Why Migrate From Wix To WordPress?


If you have ever designed and built your own website, then you have probably already come across two of the most popular website builders being used today.

Both Wix and WordPress are extremely efficient in helping to build a beautiful website. However, these two platforms differ regarding their usability, features, and costs. In this article, we explore why it is more lucrative to migrate from Wix to WordPress.

Wix vs WordPress Features:

When it comes to the features that really help to make your website stand out from the crowd, you want to make sure you choose a website platform that can support what you envision for your website.

Both Wix and WordPress allow you to customize your website. But, Wix definitely falls short when it comes to the versatility of its features. Is it time to migrate from Wix to WordPress?

Apps & Plugins

Wix offers an app market that is somewhat similar to WordPress’ plugins. All together, Wix offers around 300 apps that can help to customize your website. But, when compared to the large library of plugins WordPress offers, Wix doesn’t really match up.

However, it should be noted that unlike WordPress, Wix’s apps are all compatible with each other. This means that you will never struggle with any integration issues.

The same can be said about Wix’s themes. You will have around 500 themes to work with. While this is less than WordPress’s collection, they will all play well with any app you decide to install.

In comparison, WordPress’s library of themes and plugins is one of its biggest strengths. With over 55,000 plugins and 12,000 themes, you won’t struggle to find exactly what you are looking for.

WordPress goes beyond just serving up the conventional. It truly gives each user the opportunity to create something unique that will stand out from the sea of websites currently flooding the search engines.

eCommerce Support

Both Wix and WordPress offer eCommerce support. However, Wix still has a way to go if it wants to give WordPress a run for its money. In essence, Wix offers a good amount of themed templates that can be utilized to set up your eCommerce website.

But, if you want to ensure full eCommerce functionality that makes use of all the available payment gateways like PayPal and Authority, then you will have to buy the eCommerce web hosting package. This package deal is more expensive compared to their standard asking price.

In comparison, WordPress offers WooCommerce – a very capable and popular plugin designed specifically to support online sales. Apart from WooCommerce, WordPress also provides a wide variety of themes that accommodate any online store through all of its growth stages.

WooCommerce allows users to make use of an array of payment gateway, product display layouts, and shopping cart configurations. So, you can do business from anywhere in the world.

Unlike Wix, WooCommerce is completely free – despite its premium feel. So when you choose  WordPress for creating your online store, you won’t need to spend more to get your online business up and running.


When first starting out online, it is difficult to estimate how quickly your website will have to grow to keep up with increased demand. Therefore, it is important to choose a website builder or content management system that can accommodate that growth from the get-go.

When it comes to Wix, you have access to lots of tools that will be able to create a fully functioning website. But, you don’t have access to important features needed to accommodate growth.

Depending on the hosting plan you purchased, you will have access to a limited amount of storage and bandwidth shared with other Wix users. In other words, if your website experiences a big surge in online traffic, it will need lots of resources to keep up with demand. This could be problematic.

When using WordPress, you can choose your own hosting provider and hosting plan. This means you won’t necessarily have to make use of shared hosting. In essence, your website will be equipped to handle lots of traffic. In addition, it will be able to expand over time without compromising the user experience.

When using Wix, you aren’t able to change between hosting providers like you can when using WordPress. In essence, WordPress provides more freedom when expanding your online empire.

In Conclusion

Although Wix gives its users an easy platform to work on with applications that are guaranteed to perform to high standards, this website builder doesn’t hold a candle to the versatility and support one gets from WordPress.

WordPress’s impressive plugin and theme library truly allow website owners to expand and customize their websites as they grow. This means that this platform will be able to keep up with your online needs – no matter the size of your website.

If you’re going to migrate from Wix to WordPress, contact us at WordHerd for more information.