Why Perform Regular Content Audits of Your Website 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular and widely successful way to ensure that you get more traffic and engagement on your online platforms. However, simply introducing SEO without regular reviews may in fact guarantee you the opposite of success.

The solution lies in content audits. Performed regularly, content audits are one of the most effective ways to troubleshoot problems with engagement, modify your SEO, and ensure that your efforts are paying off with improving results.

The Importance Of Regular Content Audits

The nature of the internet means that its state is one that is ever-changing. As a search engine, Google is constantly introducing changes and updates to its algorithms to become better and more efficient.

To remain competitive and avoid content marketing drop in performance, websites owners and online entities must be diligent with their SEO strategies. Like a form of online Darwinism, content audits give websites an upper hand in the “survival of the fittest”.

Identify Underperforming Pages

To improve a specific function, you first need to determine that there is a problem and what specifically is broken. Your page might be performing poorly for a variety of reasons.

Content audits will determine if there is a the lack of performance and if so, troubleshoot what can be done to improve performance. This addresses the surface issue while also getting to the root of the problem.

Plan Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Organic searches make up approximately 53% of site visits. Implementing a good SEO strategy is the key to successfully boosting site visits.

Every good system starts with a plan. With SEO, this plan revolves around forming a strategy based on data on a page’s performance relative to its organic searches. Sometimes, this simply requires changing the order of keywords in past articles to be picked up by updated search engine algorithms.

Content audits provide the perfect opportunity to gain SEO data and streamline the process, making the strategy as effective as possible. SEO data can be obtained using tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, SEMrush, and Screaming Frog.

Develop Your Content Calendar

Developing good, appropriate content is half of the job of effective content creation. The other half includes making sure that the right content is posted in the right place at the right time.

Timeframes are indispensable, especially when regular content is building trust and loyalty with viewers. When your website juggles multiple priorities and lines of content a day, creating a content calendar might be the only way to keep on track.

Content audits will help identify appropriate times for posting content as well as provide guidance on the best approach to creating a content calendar.

Align Business Goals

Making sure that your content is relevant to your page is one of the first points of call when content auditing.

Viewers may quickly lose interest in your website – either if there is too much content that doesn’t seem relevant to the topic of your site or if the content is outdated.

Making sure that you upload content that falls within your advertised goals will help you to keep your content relevant.

A part of content audits will involve sifting through all the content and removing any content that doesn’t align with your business goals.

Taking notes and forming a set guideline to easily determine whether the content is appropriate or not will help you to only upload content that is contributing to building your brand.

Keep Your Website Healthy

Like anything, a website needs maintenance and the renewal of old components to stay healthy. The same concept applies to your content.

Outdated content means a loss of interaction with the visitors of your site. The things that people search for change very quickly. For example, something that was extremely popular a month ago may get very few clicks today.

Search engines also give higher ranking to sites that regularly update their content.

So, content audits are a great way for you to regularly evaluate the performance of your content and highlight what is and what isn’t working. This reveals a path to ensure that the content on the site constantly progresses the site goals and stays appealing to the target market.

Like many things, keeping active and regularly improving is the key to keeping things healthy.

The Bottom Line

If you are investing in SEO, there’s almost no point unless you do regular content audits. The audits help you to stay on track with the adjusted algorithms of Google and ensure your website stays resilient and alive.

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