Terms and Conditions

WordHerd agrees to comply with the Scope of Work, schedule and fees.  Any design or development costs not itemized in the proposed contract will require a separate scope of services, schedule, cost estimate and fully executed contract amendment prior to commencement of additional work.

  1. Client Responsibilities
    Client agrees to cooperate and provide information, documents, website content and translations, response and approvals of changes/edits, and/or executive approvals as needed by us within 2 business days of receiving notice, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing due to the scope of the request. Completion of the project within an agreed upon time schedule is contingent upon Client providing complete information for the new website. No Publicity. Neither Party will issue a press release, advertisement or public statement concerning the existence of this Agreement, its contents or the transactions contemplated by it without the other’s express written consent.
  2. Work Made for Hire
    Without limiting the foregoing, WordHerd hereby acknowledges that any Work Product to be delivered to Client in conjunction with the Services performed under this Agreement is work made for hire and Client shall be considered the author of such work made for hire and own all right, title, original files, and interest therein. WordHerd is responsible for obtaining all licenses required to create and deliver the website, and will not indemnify the Client for any claims with respect to those licenses. WordHerd also warrants that the deliverables do not infringe on the rights of third-parties and indemnifies the Client from any third-party claims.
  3. Portfolio Usage
    Client grants WordHerd a non-transferable license, to present a static image of the finished work on WordHerd’s website, print portfolio, press releases and any other form of public relations that would be used to garner work with future clients. Furthermore, Client grants WordHerd the right to link directly to the finished work. WordHerd agrees not to download, render, share, or in any other way extract the finished work.
  4. Termination
    If the Client terminates the project WordHerd will cease work and the Client will be responsible and invoiced for all work to date, including any and all out-of-pocket expenses incurred to that point by WordHerd unless the termination is due to a breach by WordHerd. Any termination notice must be supplied in writing, digital or otherwise.
  1. Post Website Launch Bug Fixes and Theme Corrections
    Although all efforts are used to address bugs and make corrections before a site is launched, it is sometimes inevitable that a few bugs or design issues will not be caught during testing. These will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and remedied as found. At the completion of the final milestone a 2 week period is allotted for the discovery of bugs by the Client. Payment is due immediately upon completion of final milestone and is not contingent on the 2 week bug finding period. Bugs include any functionality and theme design listed in this contract that is not working as stated. Any bugs discovered after the 2 week period will require a new agreement. Bugs introduced through third-party web sites, developers, widgets, plugins or templates are not covered in this agreement. By the end of the 2 week period the client will provide a single final review document that will constitute completion of the project. Any additional findings/updates beyond this period will require a new proposal or hourly web maintenance. Theme or design issues include mobile, tablet and desktop responsive matching based on what options are chosen in the signed contract.
  2. Payment
    • A non-refundable 50% deposit payment will be paid by the Client after receiving a signed contract agreement. Subsequent payments will be due based on predetermined milestones throughout the life of the project, per Milestone Schedule. Any additional charges due to changes in the scope of work and/or out -of- scope requests is due immediately upon project completion. Payment for invoices will be due upon receipt. Undisputed invoices unpaid after 30 days may be subject to a 1% monthly interest fee.
    • Client is legally bound to make payment in accordance with this contract agreement. At the receipt of final payment the website will be turned over to Client.
    • WordHerd does not provide refunds of any kind. By agreeing to a WordHerd proposal Client is agreeing to making no-refundable payments.
    • Invoices will be delivered to the Client by email upon acceptance of this contract and once each subsequent milestone has been completed. Payments must be made immediately upon the completion of each milestone.