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WordHerd is a leading website migration company that delivers an unbeatable service to our clients. From our Intelligent Theming processes to extended website services, we’ve got your online migration needs covered. What’s best about our platform is that it’s suitable for an array of industries, including the Health and Wellness, and Education sectors. Don’t take our word for it – let our work speak for itself! Read more about the industries we serve.

Website Migrations In The Health and Wellness Industry

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Phoenix Children’s Hospital isn’t solely a healthcare establishment but it has a strong focus on research and donor facilities too. With over 1,000 specialists and a long list of awards, Phoenix Children’s Hospital needed a website that represented the same standard of excellence.

Prior to WordHerd’s help, this hospital’s content was managed by Convio. As a hospital, it’s only expected for its website to contain important pages and informational resources. For this reason, the move to Drupal was necessary. Not only did Convio withdraw their services in 2013, but it had also experienced its fair share of growing pains. As a hospital, having a trusted CMS that can always be relied on is essential. Luckily, Drupal shows no signs of slowing down and is trusted by thousands of users.

By migrating Phoenix Children’s Hospital from Convio to Drupal, we were able to complete:

  • 100,000+ pages and posts transfers
  • 10,000+ of assets migrated
  • International Character Encoding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 100,000+ page 301 redirection
  • New responsive web design

Westside Behavioral Care

Westside Behavioral Care is based in the Denver area and strives to serve adults, children, couples, and families with exceptional therapeutic services. This service is supported by a highly trained group of mental health care professionals with an array of varying clinical assistance skills.

Although the team at Westside Behavioral Care are experts in their field, they required a website that they can easily manage. WordHerd assisted this health care facility to migrate and rebuild their content site from DotNetNuke (DNN) to WordPress. DNN is better suited for website whizzes with its clunky design and harder to use functions. WordPress, on the other hand, offers a very appealing interface that makes it perfect for those with less website knowledge to use.

WordHerd’s services were responsible for the following migration and website tasks:

  • Rebuilt therapist search
  • Rebuilt therapist availability functionality via integration with the client’s custom API
  • 100’s of custom pages migrated.
  • 1,000’s of assets migrated
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Updated responsive website design

Website Migrations In The Education Industry

DDLS Australia

Before we migrated their website to WordPress, DDLS Australia was being run on Episerver. As the number one cybersecurity training provider, it was vital that DDLS Australia utilizes a content management system that fits the bill. Unfortunately, Episerver’s limited capabilities and expensive edits proved to be the wrong CMS for this business. WordPress, on the other hand, allowed for quick and easy updates at a fraction of the cost. With WordPress’s extra plugins and advanced customization abilities, DDLS Australia was able to deliver its educational content through slick and user-friendly website design.

As with any educational program, DDLS’s certifications are rich in specific program information. Each course and resource had to be seamlessly converted from Episerver to WordPress without losing any vital data. Our team transformed this data into custom post types with a variety of custom fields that were auto-generated using our proprietary ACF API, making it WordPress ready. In addition, we migrated all assets, categorization, and menus to ensure that students could still comfortable navigate the site.

In our migration from Episerver to WordPress, we were able to achieve:

  • 350+ posts migrated
  • 900+ courses migrated to custom post types
  • 1,000’s of custom data migrated to Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • 1,000’s of assets migrated
  • Authors, categories and original dates intact
  • 301 Redirects generated for all content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Galen College of Nursing

Galen College of Nursing helps prepare its students for a lifelong career in the healthcare system. This college provides its students with either a study base in Tampa Bay, San Antonio, Louisville, Cincinnati, or through completely online courses. By offering an excellent nursing education, it was essential for Galen’s website to exemplify the same standard of professionalism and distinction.

When running an educational college, it’s important that every page and piece of content is up-to-date while upholding a high standard of communication. It was for this reason that the migration from Joomla to WordPress came highly recommended. While Joomla is a fairly popular content management system, WordPress’s flexibility is what made it a top choice for Galen College. WordPress’s professional themes, useful plugins, and easy-to-use library made it the perfect host for an educational-based website.

Migrating the Galen College of Nursing website from Joomla to WordPress included:

  • Nearly 100 custom pages migrated
  • 100’s of assets migrated
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Updated theme to make it responsive

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