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No Experience Needed

When migrating your website from one content management system to another, it is important to understand your company’s unique needs so that you can choose a platform that will offer optimal support. Both Gutenberg block editor and Elementor offer different features that have to be carefully considered before a migration is implemented.

If you are starting out in the online world and you need a content management system that will offer easy designs and quick layout options, then Gutenberg should be your go-to platform. The WordPress Gutenberg block editor makes it possible for just about anyone to create pages, posts, custom content and buttons and tables.

You can create a basic multi-column layout and play around with a big plugin and theme library to create the perfect aesthetic that truly resembles your brand, all without prior website-building knowledge. As most small business owners don’t have a big budget to spend on web developers and graphic designers, Gutenberg offers the perfect option for you to simply do it yourself, whilst still guaranteeing professional results.

On the other hand, the WordPress page builder, Elementor, has a bit of a learning curve attached to it. In addition to the increased hours needed to master this page builder, Elmentor’s editor can also be a bit buggy at times, which can potentially waste valuable company time.


Seeing as Gutenberg is the default WordPress editor installed in WordPress 5.0 and all future versions, it is completely free of charge. This means that you won’t have to spend any extra money on a website page builder to get create the perfect website.

Your resources can rather be spent on other company needs, like marketing or employee training, which will actually boost your company’s profitability in the long run. In fact, by investing in Gutenberg, the only other primary website-related costs that you will have to cover are your hosting fees.

Elementor, however, cannot offer you all of its features for free. As most page builders, it offers a free version to users that enables you to use the drag and drop page builder and gives you access to 30 basic widgets. However, the personal ($49/year for one site), plus ($99/year for three sites) or expert package ($199/year for 1000 sites) offer a lot more bang for their buck.

With the free version, you can make nearly unlimited changes to each page, but you can’t set many global (site-wide) styles without buying a premium plan. This can make it hard for free users to achieve a consistent look across pages. A lot of users will also not be able to afford the various pricey rates, which means that Elementor may only be on the cards for more established companies.

Intuitive Use and Interface

Even though Elementor offers a wide variety of features, functions, customization and a variety of marketing integrations, the learning curve that comes with it may negatively affect online production. If every new team member that joins a company has to get acquainted with an intricate page builder before they can start to benefit the company, you may end up losing precious time.

If you are certain that employees will stick around long enough to make your investment worthwhile, then Elementor might be the right solution for you. However, with today’s economic market leaning more towards a decrease in employee tenure, this is rarely the case.

With Gutenberg, there is hardly any need for employee training, as the drag-and-drop builder is very easy and intuitive to use. The interface, both on the front and backend, is also very easy to navigate, which makes publishing and amending posts a breeze.

New employees can truly hit the ground running, seeing as Gutenberg already has all the vital functions and features you need to increase website traffic on a month-to-month basis, without needing to brush up on new skills.


Seeing as Gutenberg comes standard with WordPress, a myriad of WordPress web developers are constantly working on upgrades for the editor to ensure that it runs smoothly.

As of now, the majority of WordPress users are using Gutenberg which means, in terms of support, it is always prioritized when it comes to WordPress’ upgrades and ongoing support.

However, the same cannot be said for Elementor, especially when it comes to the paid versions. Currently, there are no custom support solutions available to users that make use of Elementor Pro.

When updating Elementor or Elementor Pro, there have also been reports of pages losing their design properties, which then have to be manually updated.

Elementor may offer more features when it comes to your website’s design and functionality but Gutenberg is more affordable, easier to use and caters to everyone’s needs. If you’re ready to make the move to Gutenberg, we’re ready to help you! Contact WordHerd for a quote on all your migration needs.

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